Red Team Review

OCRD is defining a red team review as an almost-final review of a proposal to get some additional feedback internally before the final submission.


Allows the PI to engage red team reviewers in a discussion about the strengths and weaknesses of an almost-final proposal.


A red team review is not intended to be just like an actual scientific peer-review of a proposal. 


Six weeks before proposal deadline:

  • Identify and send by email 2-3 names of Duke faculty in the area of research related to proposal.


  • Identify and send by email 2-3 names of Duke faculty in related disciplines but not in proposal’s area of research.

Three weeks before proposal deadline:

  • Main sections of proposal are submitted to OCRD.
  • OCRD will send sections to red team reviewers.

Two weeks before proposal deadline:

  • Red team reviewers meet to discuss proposal; PI and team are welcome to participate.
  • If PI does not attend red team meeting, OCRD will send written feedback to PI within 24-48 hours.

To request a red team review, email Sohini Sengupta or Kelsey Salvesen with OCRD.