University-wide Educational Programs for Proposals

For federally-funded proposals, it is often helpful and necessary to leverage an institution’s existing educational programs and initiatives. Below are lists of educational resources at Duke categorized by the following:

  •  STEM and Data Science
  •  NSF Research Experience for Undergrads (REUs)
  •  NIH T32s
  •  NSF National Research Traineeship (NRT)
  • Other
U Undergraduates
G Graduate Students
P Postdocs
C Community Partners/External Stakeholders
K12 K-12 Students or Teachers


Program program notes u g p c k12
Data+ 10-week summer research experience; explores new data-driven approaches to interdisciplinary challenges U        
Data Expeditions Introduces exploratory data analysis in undergraduate classes U G      
Data Science for All (+DS) Provides online (digital) and in-person training modules and learning experiences grounded in generalizable data science content, while partnering with individual units or groups to develop additional specialized content U G P    
Duke Technology Scholars (DTECH) Program for CS and ECE undergrads centering around the idea that relationships, mentorship, and hands-on experience make the difference in recruiting and retaining women and diverse students in  technology fields U        
Duke Master in Interdisciplinary Data Science (MIDS) Rigorous computational and technical training combined with field knowledge and practice in critical thinking, teamwork, communication, and collaborative leadership to generate data scientists in any field   G      


program program notes u g p c k12
Electrical and Computer Engineering Summer Undergraduate Research Program Brings students from around the world into our faculty research laboratories for nine weeks each summer. These students work with faculty members and their research groups to tackle an innovative research project. U        

Lifespan Approaches to Diverse Psychological Science

Provides underrepresented students with the skills, socialization, connection, and continuity to begin developing a scholar-researcher identity. U        
Meeting Grand Challenges Undergrads pursue research projects related to one of the National Academy of Engineering’s Grand Challenges of Engineering for the 21st Century U        
Program in Estuarine and Coastal Marine Sciences Semi-independent 10-week research programs in the following general areas: coastal and estuarine physical processes; molecular biology and genetics; and sensory physiology, ecology, and behavior U        
Triangle Universities Nuclear Laboratory Undergraduate Research in Nuclear and Particle Physics Students participate in research at the frontiers of nuclear and particle physics U        


Program program notes u g p c k12
University Training Program in Biomolecular and Tissue Engineering Certificate program integrates activities in engineering, the life sciences, and medicine   G      
Duke Program in Cell and Molecular Biology Provides flexible, multidisciplinary training in a research-intensive collegial environment   G      
Tri-Institutional Molecular Mycology and Pathogenesis Training Program (Tri-I MMPTP) Recruits, supports, and trains promising postdoctoral scientists and physicians to develop productive research careers in molecular mycology and pathogenesis     P    
Immunology Graduate Training Program Offers a PhD in immunology   G      
Virology Oncology Training Grant Provides training in general field of molecular virology with an emphasis on the molecular biology of tumor viruses and oncogenes   G P    
Duke University Program in Genetics and Genomics Genetic training and education in model systems, population genetics, and human genetics   G      
Computational Biology and Bioinformatics Integrative, multi-disciplinary program that trains future leaders at interdisciplinary intersection of quantitative and biomedical sciences   G      
University Program in Developmental and Stem Biology Provides broad training in mechanisms of embryonic development, developmental genetics, development, and evolution   G      
Duke Post-Doctoral Training in Genomic Medicine Research Training in methods of clinical research and knowledge relevant to genomic medicine research, a co-mentored research experience     P    
Duke University Integrated Toxicology & Environmental Health Program Pre-doctoral training program which prepares students for research careers in environmental health and toxicology   G      
Postdoctoral Research Training Program in Aging Postdoctoral program for students engaged in aging research     P    
Interdisciplinary Research Training Program in AIDS Offers an opportunity for postdoctoral fellows to train for a career in the growing field of AIDS research     P    
Duke Transplant Infectious Diseases Training Program Postdoctoral trainees receive intensive clinical exposure to a growing population of immunocompromised hosts     P    
Postdoctoral Research Training in Surgical Oncology Develops surgeons and perioperative physicians into physician-scientists     P    
Endocrinology and Metabolism Training Program Advanced training in the knowledge, skills, and experience needed to be outstanding Endocrinologists     P    
Gastroenterology Research Training Program Offers postdoctoral research training to physicians and scientists     P    
Duke Nephrology Fellowship Program Provides intensive training to Nephrology fellows in areas that relate to normal kidney physiology as well as the pathogenesis of kidney diseases and hypertension in both biomedical and clinical research     P    
Medical Scientist Training Program Combines graduate education in a basic biomedical science with the full clinical curriculum of the School of Medicine leading to both PhD and MD degrees   G      
Integrated Training in Anesthesiology Research Provides postdoctoral fellows with research training devoted to improving care of the anesthetized/critically ill patient      P    
Pharmacological Sciences Training Program An interdisciplinary training program that provides an integrated training experience in Pharmacology for students in the biomedical sciences   G      
Unified Program for Therapeutics in Children Trains pediatrician-scientists to lead the development, implementation, and evaluation of novel prophylactics and therapeutics for pediatric populations     P    
Genetic Counselor Training Program in Genomic Medicine Research Provides genetic counselors an opportunity to work with mentors on one or more projects to gain research-specific expertise and knowledge     P    
Duke’s Hematology & Transfusion Medicine Training Program Develops future scientific leaders in the disciplines of hematology and transfusion medicine     P    
Neurobiology Graduate Training Program An interdepartmental program for students with training in a variety of fields to pursue a Ph.D. in neurobiology   G      
AI for Understanding and Designing Materials (aiM) A graduate training program awarded by the National Science Foundation to Duke University that will provide students with integrated training for both materials and computer scientists to advance the frontiers of research and training in this new convergent field.    G      
Integrative Bioinformatics for Investigating and Engineering Microbiomes Interdisciplinary graduate training program (Duke and NC A&T) bringing together scientists in various fields with an interest in microbiome research   G      


Collaborating on Mentoring, Persistence, Assessment & Student Success Program to improve learning for STEM students, particularly underrepresented minorities, in introductory science courses U        
DukeEngage Students address critical human needs by fully funding a summer of immersive services to communities in the US and abroad; programs in a variety of disciplines U     C  
Developing World Healthcare Technologies Lab Partnership with Engineering World Health; 2-month immersion experience in understanding and fixing medical equipment in low-income settings; also supports student research assignments U G      
Digital Humanities Initiative Promotes new ways to engage in and learn about the use of tech in humanities scholarship and teaching U G      
Cultures & Languages Across the Curriculum Offers half credit courses that focus on current issues in global health, public policy, and the environment; courses taught in a foreign language and utilize skills in a real-world context U        
Community-Based Language Initiative Integrates students involved in active language learning by integrating community partners through service-learning course U     C K12
Duke Bass Connections Students tackle complex societal problems with Duke faculty in a wide variety of disciplines U G P C K12
Shared Materials Instrumentation Facility (SMIF) The Shared Materials Instrumentation Facility (SMIF) at Duke University is an interdisciplinary, shared resource open to Duke University researchers as well as to users from other universities, government laboratories, industry, and K-12 teachers and students U G P C K12