Anonymous Reviewer


Most resembles the delivery of the critique you might receive from a federal funding agency.


Does not allow the PI to have a discussion with the reviewer about the strengths and weaknesses of the proposal and how to improve it.


Six weeks before proposal deadline:

  • Almost-final main sections of proposal are submitted to OCRD 
  • (Optional) Identify 3-5 potential reviewers not affiliated with Duke; if no reviewers are identified, OCRD will identify external reviewers for you

Four weeks before proposal deadline:

  • Proposal will be sent to external reviewer who will have 1-2 weeks to review your proposal. OCRD will compensate external reviewer $500.

Two weeks before proposal deadline:

  • Written feedback of proposal from external reviewer will be submitted to OCRD
  • OCRD will send written feedback to PI within 24-48 hours

To request an anonymous external reviewer, click here to complete a scientific review request form.